UGREEN 10000mAh USB-A+USB-C Ultra Slim Power Bank (LY)

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Product Specification

Product Model:PB195

Battery Type:Li-Polymer Battery

USB-C Input:5V3A、9V2.22A、12V1.5A

USB-C Output:5V3A、9V2.22A、12V1.5A

USB-A Output:5V3A、9V2A、12V1.5A、4.5V5A、5V4.5A

Wireless Output:10W Max

Simultaneous multi-port output:5V2.4A Max

Capacity:10000mAh 3.7V(37Wh)

The package contains mobile power, data cable, storage bag and instruction manual.

The measured length is 135.34mm,

Width is 66.1mm,

Thickness is 17.33mm,

Net Weight is 224g.